We’re only 40 days away from the new year… I can’t believe 2019 is already coming to an end. But eh! That’s how it is so we’d better get ready for 2020 and the new decade ahead of us !

Good news is the 2020 PROJO printables are here to help you (and me) do that!

I’ve uploaded all the 2020 printables on the shop a week ago, but thought it would be a good thing to tell you a bit more about the 2020 PROJO printables in a blog post.
Because there is a few new things about this 2020 printables that should make your planner lovers’ hearts sing!


Get ready for 2020 with the PROJO planner printables

It’s time to start planning for the year to come!

The end of the year is the perfect time to set new goals and to better your odds to achieve them by planning your actions.

What is the PROJO planner?

The PROJO planner is an organization system that helps you clarify your goals and plan your actions to achieve them. It combines a Planning book that helps you manage your time and tasks and a Notes book that gives you free space for your extra lists and ideas.

The printable version of the PROJO planner is a PDF version of the PROJO Planning book.

It gives you everything you need to set goals and turn them into projects to make sure you achieve them, at a super affordable price!



The PROJO planner printables are designed to help you do that. The dated 3-months planner files feature spreads to: 

  • define your goals and turn them into concrete projects
  • layout your projects’ action plans
  • plan & manage your time with the monthly and weekly spreads

The printables are dated and fit any A5 planner or binder.
All you have to do is to take your pen and focus on what you want to achieve next year.


2020 printables: new year, new layouts

If you’re a PROJO planner lover, you may have noticed that the PROJO planner layouts are evolving in its printable version. It’s just the first step before the changes apply to the paper version of PROJO as well in 2020. 

How is the PROJO planner changing?

1. Monthly & weekly spreads

The major changes we made on the PROJO layouts affect the monthly and weekly spreads.

The new monthly spread features a boxed calendar, a key projects section to sort out your priorities, a task list section, and some extra space to take some notes.

The new weekly layout features a large time table to help you organize your appointments and time block your tasks, a section for your weekly task list, some extra space for notes and a reflection section to help you review your week.



Both layouts are designed to help you boost your productivity and motivation, and create a planning system that will help you achieve your goals on the long run!

2. Goal setting and project plannings spreads

The goals setting and project planning spreads change as well.
Our aim regarding these spreads was to simplify them and make them really ready to use for everyone (even people who are familiar with project management at all).

This is why there are now embedded instructions that will guide you through the process of setting goals, turning them into an action plan and then schedule them.


2020 printables: one purchase, 4 possibilities

When you purchase the PROJO planner files, you get a file with a bundle of files including both the classic and new PROJO layouts. Each version comes with 2 binding options: you can either print your PROJO planner to turn it into inserts for your A5 planner, or print it as a notebook that you can bind with threads or staples.


On the left, the new layout / on the right, the classic one


Which means that when you order the PROJO planner files, you get 4 files for 4 different options with one single purchase: 

  • classic “old” layout – insert version
  • classic “old” layout – notebook version
  • new layout – insert version
  • new layout – notebook version (personal favourite and current planner!)

Note that the insert files feature several ways to make sure you’ll find the perfect fit for your printer and paper.

So one purchase, 4+ options to print your PROJO P.Book (planning book)!


What more could you want to plan your way through 2020?