Which planner to choose to achieve your goals? Which life planner will perfectly fit your needs?

The PROJO planner is a quarterly planner that helps you clarify and achieve your goals, one small step at a time.
Why choose the PROJO planner? How will this undated planner help you achieve your goals?

Here are 5 reasons to get a PROJO planner to achieve your goals!

1. A life planner that helps you to boost your projects

I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that making progress towards our goals is essential to feel good and build the future we aspire to. There is nothing more satisfying than growing the projects that matter to us.

And it is with this conviction that we designed this new PROJO planner: it is a tool entirely dedicated to the achievement of your goals and dreams.

  • First of all, because it helps you put your wildest dreams on paper and clarify your objectives so you can FINALLY take action.
  • Secondly, because each page of the planner is an invitation to make your goals and projects your first priority: each month and each week, you decide what actions you want to take to move forward.

Whether you dream of building your house, finding your dream job, writing a book, going to zero waste, preparing for your next trip, putting your website online or just painting your living room, your planner helps you break down your goals into small steps and take a little action every day to achieve them.

The PROJO planner gives you a framework and a method to accompany your objectives and your projects. It’s a bit like an organization coach that you can slip into your bag.

2. A life planner that adapts to your needs

You may be a student, a full-time parent, an entrepreneur, looking for your path, passionate about music…

Each person is unique: we all have different ways of functioning, different goals and different needs.

The PROJO planner was therefore designed as a super versatile organizational tool. It’s the life planner that adapts to your needs, not the other way around!

A life planner that follows your pace

Why is the PROJO planner an undated planner?

To allow you to start moving forward with your projects whenever you want: no need to wait until the next year or the next decade to get started. Every day is an opportunity to take the first step towards your goals!

The fact that the PROJO planner is undated also allows you to take breaks, skip weeks… In short, you can use your planner at your own pace without losing space.

Don’t wait for “the right time” to start your projects. Achieving your goals should not depend on timing.
You can decide to start whenever you want!

A LOT of room for you to personalize your planner

A planner is above all a personal tool, which must be able to follow you in all your adventures, and be like you.

The monthly and weekly pages of the PROJO planner are made to allow you to personalize them: you can use them (of course) to manage your appointments and tasks, but you can also choose to turn them into a travel diary or use them for your sports program.

You can choose to keep the pages minimal and functional or let your creativity run wild to decorate them to your taste.

Unleash your imagination!

3. A life planner that keeps you motivated

No matter how perfect your plans are, it’s not always easy to stay focused and motivated on your goals when you have a thousand things to manage on a daily basis. It is therefore a key factor in the success of your projects!

Connect regularly with your goals

The different organizational pages of the PROJO planner help you to focus on what really matters to you: the “projects” and “focus of the week” sections help you to keep your goals in mind on a daily basis.

This way, you always have your goal in mind and can encourage you to make steady progress towards achieving it.

Celebrate your progress

The monthly review pages and the “review” section of the weekly pages allow you to regularly take stock of your progress. There’s nothing like seeing the results of our actions to boost our motivation!


4. A life planner that frees your mind

Call the bank, book the next vacation, send this important email, buy your godson’s birthday gift, explore this great idea you just had…

Our minds are constantly in turmoil: so many decisions to be made and things to remember often put our brains to the test.

Seeing a “paper” planner, like the PROJO planner, helps you free your mind from all those things you have to deal with. Your planner acts like a second brain. It allows you to sort through the information and write it down so you don’t have to think about it anymore:

  • Appointments, events, birthdays, anniversaries, and deadlines go into the monthly and weekly calendars.
  • the tasks to be performed go directly into your monthly or weekly to-do list
  • notes, ideas, a list of books you want to read or movies you want to see, and all the important thoughts that go through your mind will find their place in the Notebook.

Your PROJO planner has a space for everything you need to remember. To make room in your mind and allow you to better focus.

5. A life planner that is more than just planner

It’s a tool thought out to the last detail. Details that make the difference!

✔️ 2 notebooks that work in synergy: the PROJO planner is a planning notebook and a notepad gathered in a transparent cover to allow you to explore your ideas, note everything and organize everything.
No more need to have a notebook in addition to your planner: PROJO brings the two together so that you have everything at hand.

✔️ A planning guide and free files: to give you all the keys to success, each PROJO planner comes with a guide to help you use your planner in the best possible way. You also have access to a lot of free files (tracking habits, financial tracking, calendar of the year…) that you can print out to personalize your planner in a few minutes.

✔️A clear cover that gives you storage space: in addition to keeping the Planner and the Notebook together, the flaps on the transparent cover of PROJO allow you to keep all the small papers that are useful to you on a daily basis.

✔️ a French manufacture: from the paper of the notebooks to the transparent cover made in Brittany, PROJO is entirely made in France. This allows us to offer you top quality while encouraging local employment.