The end of the year is already around the corner… And is there a better time to pause for a minute and make an end of year review, and maybe set some new goals for the year to come?

Having an end-of-year review is a great way to acknowledge progress made through the year from various perspectives, see where you stand regarding your life goals, and project into the future to get ready to make some magic happen in 2020!

To help you with that, I designed a special resource for you: the Reflect & recharge workbook.

And after weeks working on writing this new workbook hand in hand with a professional coach, Céline De Leo, I’m happy and proud to finally introduce this new addition to the Minimal.Plan’s toolbox!

The Reflect & recharge workbook is a self-coaching tool. It aims to help you conduct a kind review of your year, focusing on growth instead of performance. It also provides you with tools to define areas of progress and set new goals to slowly get ready for the year ahead of us!


So if you want to: 

✔️ Take some time to reflect on 2019 and get ready for 2020
✔️ Assess the distance covered in the last 12 months through the experiences, achievements and challenges you’ve been
through this year
✔️ Stop for a second and see where you stand regarding your life goals to decide on areas of focus for the year to come
✔️ Make a end-of-year review that will highlight progress and growth instead of performance
✔️ Stock some motivation and self-confidence for the year ahead of you
✔️ Set mindful goals for 2020

Then, you should highly enjoy the Reflect & recharge workbook!
The Reflect & recharge pdf file and its 38 worksheets is waiting for you to fill them with all your thoughts and ideas. 

Download the workbook

Behind the scenes: combining 2 skills sets

Because I’m not a life coach per se, and I really wanted this workbook to help you be as mindful and kind to yourself as possible while conducting your end-of-year review, I teamed up with Céline De Leo, a certified and experienced coach to write it.

We’ve combined our experiences and skills set (me as a designer & project manager, and Céline as a certified coach) to design all the 47 pages of the Reflect & recharge workbook.

I’m going to let Céline introduce herself in a few words: 
“Hi folks, I’m Céline, a professional coach. After graduating from a Belgian business school, I started my career as a marketing & communication strategist in various organizations. After several years of experience, I left Europe and traveled through South America for 6 months, giving myself the opportunity to explore new cultures and passions. Back in Paris, I trained as a professional coach. My goal? Help people reach their full potential!
I’m thrilled and proud to present the result of my work with Claire: the Reflect & recharge workbook!”

So the Reflect & recharge workbook is not just just work of one! And I can tell you that I’m proud of what we came up with as well, and happy to have done this with Céline.

Download the workbook


What you will find in the workbook


The workbook features 47 pages in total, including 38 worksheets.

The workbook works as a toolbox: it provides you resources to run your end-of-year review. We designed the process to make it easy to follow, but you can also just pick the tools that match your own needs and use them independently.

The workbook is divided in 3 parts :

👉🏻 Review your year
The first one is entirely dedicated to your end-of-year review. Its 16 pages are meant to help you reflect on your year and highlight the best parts of it, including achievements,  memories, challenges, lessons learned and much more.

👉🏻 Define areas of progress
The second part works as a transition between the review tools and the goal setting ones. It helps you figure out where you stand regarding your life goals and project into the future.

👉🏻 Set new goals
The third part of the workbook is all about goal setting. The 16 worksheets it features are meant to help you figure out what you’d like to achieve next year and to sort out priorities.

Oh, and you’ll find a little bonus at the end of the workbook!

Download the workbook

I really hope you will enjoy this new workbook, and that it will, eventually, help you to get closer to the life you aspire to.
Sending you good vibes on ending the year smoothly and reaching your goals in 2020!