How many times did you give yourself a goal without ever taking action? How many times have you perfectly planned the steps of a project and then dropped everything before you even tried?

It has happened to me many times, and it still does!

But why do we keep procrastinate on the projects that are important to us? What is the reason I don’t take action on them? Myself!
What keeps me from giving my project all the energy and time they deserve?
My fears and limiting beliefs. But how can I free myself from them so that I can finally achieve the projects that are dear to my heart, in my work and my personal life?

In this article, I share with you some steps to identify your fears, overcome them and finally move forward with your projects! It’s a quick and efficient way to “reboot your brain”, reverse your state of mind and change your vision of yourself and your environment to make them more positive.

In the end, you will find it easier to get the energy to make your projects move forward!

Before you start: take a loose piece of paper, or a free page of notes in your PROJO planner, and write down as you go along. Putting your ideas on paper also helps to anchor them and make them real already!

What is your main goal?

Surely you have a big goal you want to achieve. It’s been in your head for months, you’ve thought of everything, every step of the way, and you’ve even planned everything in your PROJO planner to achieve it. But you haven’t taken action.

You keep postponing the first steps, the completion of the first tasks on your list. Your project is still just a plan.

What is this goal, this project that you want to achieve? Write it down.

Example: I want to share my passion for personal development; write an article on per month and share it on the internet.


Identify your fears and limiting beliefs (at least 5!)

What unconsciously prevents you from taking action? “I’m not going to interest anyone”, “I’m not legitimate”, “I don’t have the right skills”, “others know and do better than me” … What excuses have you found / invented to avoid taking action and moving forward with your projects?

  • The look in other people’s eyes: “I’m going to look like a loser”?
  • The fear of failing: “I’m probably going to fail”?
  • Or, on the contrary, of succeeding: “I won’t have the shoulders if it’s a success”?
  • Fear of not being up to the task?

Make a list of at least 5 thoughts that prevent you to take action.

Examples for my goal of writing personal development articles:

  • “What you’re saying is not interesting.”
  • “Everyone can see you’re an idiot.”
  • “You don’t know anything about anything, the others know better.”

What is the dream that these fears are preventing you from achieving?

Beyond your main goal, what is the big dream that all these fears and beliefs prevent you from realizing? Where would you like to be in 10 years when you dream big?

What are the big dreams you’d like to achieve? Goal planning pages in the PROJO planner.

For example:

My fear of looking stupid will prevent me from speaking up and expressing myself on the subjects that I find important, I will never succeed in achieving my crazy dream of writing a book.

For each thought, identify the negative impact it has on your life.

If you continue to have this fear or belief, you will never achieve your goal! Assess the impact of each limiting message in your life. You’ll see, it’s pretty terrible!

Ask yourself:

  • What would happen if I continued to hold this limiting belief?
  • What would be the long-term impact of this negative message I am sending myself?
  • To what extent would it prevent me from moving forward with my projects or achieving my goals?

For example:

If I keep believing that “What I am saying is not interesting”, I will be convinced that it is not worth sharing anything I know or experienced. I don’t write, I’m not creative, I get frustrated. On a daily basis, I gradually lose self-confidence.

Turn your fears into energy and motivation

Make a list of everything you can achieve once you have deconstructed each of these beliefs. Imagine yourself free of all your fears and anxieties. What would you be able to do?

For example:

If I send out the belief that “What I say is not interesting”, I get a huge boost of motivation and energy! My first desire is to write down everything I know about the fears that limit you in your projects ☺

Build up your supply of antidotes by reversing each belief

This stage is my favorite!
It consists in thinking the opposite of your usual beliefs.
In this exercise, don’t hesitate to exaggerate!

Next, you will use each of these positive sentences, which I call “antidotes” to replace the limiting belief every time it pops into your head.

  • Example: What you say is not interesting > what you have to say is very interesting

Bring each antidote to life to multiply its power

Combine your antidotes with positive emotions and happy memories to bring them to life!

If you feel the benefits of your positive affirmations, it’s easier to take the next step: your whole body and mind are working towards your success.

You’ve turned fear into motivation! That life force that pushes you to do the things that are valuable to you.

For example:

  • I imagine: my first article is online, what a satisfaction!

Deploy your power on a daily basis

In order for all these steps to fit naturally into your daily life, your great challenge will be to observe yourself. Analyze the moments when:

  • You procastinate the tasks on your list related to an important goal for you, when you REALLY want to move your projects forward
  • You regularly fail to make progress on your projects.

Is it a problem of method?

If you have a PROJO planner in your hands or on a shelf, you already have all the keys to move your projects forward.

No, it’s something else, an internal blockage, maybe?

Listen to your fears and ideas, to what your brain is telling you.

  • What message does it send you?
  • That you’re not up to it?
  • That you don’t know enough?
  • That you don’t have the right to fail?
  • That you don’t deserve to succeed?
  • That it’s not for you?

When you understand that the message that plays and repeats itself in the background of your conscience is just an unfounded belief in reality, you will be able to regain control over your life.

Decode and transform those messages that are preventing you from moving forward with your projects into positive affirmations (antidotes) and you can finally begin to take action.

You may be wondering if I’ve gotten over my fear of “What you say isn’t interesting”? The lines that I wrote with love for you and that you just read are proof of that!

Bonus: Friends help! Talk about your fears to your loved ones, they will reassure you and help you to take a step back. That’s what I did with Claire and now I’m writing on her blog!


This post is by Céline De Leo, a certified life coach.
Céline helps people live their life to the fullest and unleash their super powers to achieve their dreams!