Whether you’ve already ordered the PROJO planner or are wondering if it’s the right planner for you, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, I explain how the planner is designed, and how each page of your 3-month PROJO planner will help you reach the goals you have set for yourself to move towards a more fulfilling life.

The PROJO planner : 2 books/1 team 👯

The first thing we have to explain to you is that the PROJO planner is not 1, but 2 notebooks that work in team!

The Planning book allows you to organize yourself: it helps you to define clear goals, to break them down into actions and to organize yourself so that you can move forward a little each day towards their achievement.
It keeps your goals, your to-do lists, your appointments and everything you need to organize yourself on a daily basis for 3 months.

The Notes book is a space of total freedom!
It’s a notebook of dotted pages that gives you all the space you need to think, doodle, take notes, explore ideas or make endless lists (the books you want to read, the restaurants you want to try…).


You can keep all the important things in one place,
without ever running out of space



How to achieve your goals with the PROJO planner 🎯
How is it set up?

It’s important to understand how your PROJO planner is designed, because that’s what will allow you to succeed in reaching your goals.
There are 5 types of pages in your PROJO planner: the “Roadmap”, the “Action Plan”, the monthly pages, the weekly pages and the monthly reflection pages.

Let’s dive into each section in detail!

Roadmap : Your dreams on paper

It’s the first page of the Planning Book. It’s where it all begins!
This is the most important page of your planner. It is a space in which you will visualize your ideal future, the one you want to reach.

This page allows you to clearly define the goals you want to achieve.
Having clear goals allows you to focus your time and energy on what really matters to you.

Your goals are like light houses: they should guide you towards what you want to achieve, without distracting you.


1. Take a few minutes to imagine your ideal future. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself: imagine what you would like for the future, and write down what comes to mind.

PRO TIP: It’s not easy to project yourself! It can even be a little scary. We therefore advise you to divide your Roadmap into 3 parts: what you want to accomplish in your lifetime, in the coming year and in the next 3 months.

You will also bring out your priorities naturally.

For example, changing jobs can just as easily be a goal for the next 3 months as for the year. Buying a house can be a lifetime project, or a goal for the year.

It all depends on your aspirations and what you want to focus on!

2. Once you’ve written everything down, take 2 minutes to go through everything and highlight / circle the 1-3 goals that would have the most positive impact for you.
These will be the goals you will be working on in the next 3 months!

Don’t panic if you have highlighted “write a book” and you don’t have the first line of your future best seller! If your goals are ambitious, you can divide them into several steps.

For example, if you want to write a book in your life, you can start by participating in writing workshops or researching your topic within the next 3 months.


Don’t put too much pressure on yourself! The most important thing is that the goals you set for yourself get you excited!


Second part of the roadmap: turn your goals into concrete and achievable actions!

To do this, you will take each of your goals and break them down into tasks to be carried out: what actions do you have to do to achieve your objective?


For example:
Your goal is to change jobs within the next 3 months. The tasks to do can be for example: redo my CV, send an email to my contacts to tell them I’m looking for a job, update my LinkedIn profile…

If your goal is to buy a home in the future, a first step might be to start saving money. In this case, the actions to be taken could be: take stock of my expenses, make a budget, schedule a direct transfer…

PRO TIP: to break you goal into smaller steps, imagine that you have already reached your goal and “rewind” the thread of your actions to make a list of all the steps to take.

Action plan: outline your path

PERFECT! You did the hard part, I promise!
You’ve defined your goals, and you’ve broken them down into simple actions that you can accomplish in the next 3 months.
The Action Plan page allows you to get even more concrete: you will now organize your actions over time.

Referring to your “Roadmap”, start planning the different tasks to be carried out over the next 3 months. Be sure to organize your tasks in a logical order.

That’s it! You now have a very clear idea of what you want to do in the next 3 months, and HOW you are going to achieve these goals..

Monthly planning pages: prioritize

Now that you have clear goals and an action plan to achieve them, it’s time to get organized to implement them for real. Your PROJO planner features 3 monthly planning pages to organize yourself over 3 months.

The monthly planning pages allow you to organize yourself concretely to integrate the achievement of your goals into your daily life. You can prioritize the actions related to your goals while managing appointments and daily tasks.

In addition to the calendar and the space reserved for your to-do list, the monthly planning pages allow you to define 1 to 3 things you want to focus on for each month.

Your monthly planner works like a dashboard: it allows you to organize yourself to stay focused on your goals.

Weekly planning pages: take action!

It’s in the weekly planning pages that you’ll start taking action! They allow you to make your goals a priority in your daily life and move towards their achievement, one day at a time.

Your weekly planning pages gather everything you need to stay motivated and take action:

  • Write down your appointments and do Time Blocking in the vertical calendar.
  • Decide what you want to focus on for the week and make your to-do list according to your focus. Your goals are at the center of your organization on a day-to-day basis!
  • Use the free space to write down important information or keep track of your habits with the tracker that you can download and print for free (see the planning guide that comes with your planner).

At the end of the week, take stock of your progress, your motivation, your well-being and your satisfaction. This time of reflection will allow you to take stock of your victories of the week, and to prepare for the following week with hindsight.

Take the time to review your week in your PROJO planner: take stock of the week, and prepare for the week to come.

Ideally, decide on a specific timeblock to do it every week: it can be on Sunday or Monday morning for example. It is important to use your planner regularly: it allows you stay focused, and to remain motivated to achieve your goals!


Monthly review pages : boost your motivation

The last type of pages you will find in your Planning Book are the monthly reflection pages. They are located after each monthly planning page.

This page allows you to take a little more time each month to review your progress, the difficulties you have encountered, and what you want to do next month.



The first part of the review is an invitation to reflect on the positive events that have marked your month. What are the memories you want to keep from the past month?

The second part of the Monthly Review is devoted to your goals. For each of them, write down the actions you have taken: even if your progress is not dazzling, every little step counts!

It is also on this page that you begin to list the actions you want to take the following month.

Be sure to refer to your Action Plan at the end of each month to highlight the actions you have completed. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing the progress you’ve made!

Then prepare the month and the following week :

  • Decide what projects you’re going to focus on…
  • Write the actions to perform in your monthly and weekly to-do lists
  • Note your upcoming appointments and events in the calendars

The Notes book : your space of freedom

The Planning Book gives you the structure you need to achieve your goals… On the other hand, the Notebook is a space of TOTAL freedom!

You can make endless lists, draw, calligraphy or scribble wildly… It allows you to take lots of notes and explore your wildest ideas. Just like a bullet journal, it adapts to your needs and desires.


Your PROJO planner is a great tool to better organize yourself and succeed in creating the life you aspire to, one day at a time.  Just remember that like any tool, it only works if you use it and take action yourself!

So we’re certainly not going to promise you that you’ll achieve everything easily and magically the first time. But we’ve put all the keys you need to succeed in advancing towards more fulfillment in this planner!