Whether you are a fan of the PROJO planner or a fan of the bullet journal, this article is for you!

Minimalism is not only a sober aesthetic. It’s a way of seeing and doing that focuses on the essential by evacuating the superfluous.

Not convinced yet?

Let me convince you that minimalism is for you.

Here are 5 advantages to having a super simple planner or a minimalist bullet journal as a daily organization tool!

Advantage #1: you can find your way around super easily

A simple code to write down information in your bullet journal, simple and clean pages that breathe in your planner… Having a planner or a minimalist bullet journal is to avoid getting a headache every time you look for the information you need.

No need to navigate through convoluted color codes, stickers and decorations: the information is there, clear and readable.

Advantage #2: you focus on what matters

No decorations, no stickers: yes, a minimalist hovering shot or bullet journal, it can seem a bit empty when you’re used to seeing pictures of sophisticated and colorful pages.

Personally, I think a minimalist aesthetic is relaxing, it’s simple, it’s clear. But most of all, all this white space on the pages is so much free space to write down ideas, let your brain wander and imagine lots of cool projects!

In short, it leaves room for the imagination to concentrate on the substance while forgetting a little bit about the form.

Advantage #3: you save precious time

Time to create a decorated page: 1 hour

Minimalist page creation time: 10 minutes top time! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Adopting the minimalist style, whether in a planner or a bullet journal, saves a LOT of time.

Once you’ve written down your appointments and tasks for the month or the week, it’s done. In other words, you’re about 10 minutes of organization for 11:50 p.m. of efficiency (don’t forget to sleep anyway, it’s important).

Advantage #4: you have an all-terrain tool

I’m not going to tell you you shouldn’t get out your planner or your art journal bullet at the office. But not everyone’s probably that open-minded.

Having a minimalist planner or a minimalist journal is also a guarantee that you won’t be looked at sideways or wiped off your colleagues’ not-so-cool thoughts when you open your planner.

Advantage #5 : no stress

No fear of messing your drawing, of “spoiling” a page with a rather clumsy decoration: you don’t worry so much about aesthetics when you have a hovering shot or a minimalist bullet journal.

Advantage #6 : you’re breaking free

Having a minimalist planner or bullet journal also means you’re lighter and freer!

No need to bring a complete suitcase with a thousand pens and your entire collection of stickers as soon as you leave home to go (cross out the unnecessary mentions): at work, at the library, for a drink, on holiday, on the move, at your cousin’s wedding…

One pen and go!
Alright, a ruler and a pencil if you REALLY want to make the most of the beautiful kit you’ve just invested in.

Is aesthetics important when it comes to your planner?

Of course it is! Having a planner or a bullet journal that we like is key in keeping us motivated and wanting to use it every day.

But like any other tool, the PROJO planner and bullet journal are only effective if they are used regularly. Therefore, it is important to find the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. And nothing can beat a minimalist planner or bullet journal!