I’m not the only one writting for the blog!
From now on, Céline, who I’ve been working with for years now, will share her tricks and tips about self-confidence, motivation and everything related to self-development.

Céline is an experienced coach who helps people find their purpose and achieve their goals.
She is also the co-author of the Reflect & Recharge workbook which helps you kindly review your year and set new goals for the year to come.

Now that the introductions are made, I’ll leave you with Céline and her 5 pro tips to grow your self-confidence!

Are you lacking self confidence?
It doesn’t always show but most of us do… 

Good news is that there are ways to grow and nurture our self confidence! 

Self-confidence is the confidence we have in our ability to face life situations, everyday challenges and carry out all kinds of activities. At work, home, with our friends and in life in general, many external and internal factors can shake our self-confidence. Sometimes, it is a few harmless remarks that we personally take “you look tired today”, “your last report was well below what I expected”… And sometimes it is these voices in our heads that hammer out unpleasant messages like “you’ve gained a little weight”, “you’re stagnating in your career”, “you haven’t reached your goals in the time available”…

Have you ever felt discouraged by a task that is too difficult? Anxious because of the fear of making the wrong choice? Overwhelmed and/or ashamed after failing? Keeping morale and faith in one’s abilities can turn into a true fighter’s journey. Here are 5 tips to build strong self-confidence on a daily basis in order to stay motivated and energetic in our projects and in the face of the unexpected.


How to grow your self-confidence
Tip 1: List your strengths in your “internal database”

👉🏻 Why:

Listing your strengths allows you to build a concrete database of your skills. In moments of doubt, refer to this list of actions you have already done. Use all these skills and knowledge to remind yourself of what you can do and keep your self-confidence when faced with a challenge. In this list, there are certainly elements on which you can rely to face the current situation more easily or with less stress. If this exercise seems difficult for you because you have trouble speaking positively about yourself, imagine that you are taking an inventory of someone else’s strengths and throwing flowers at them! Compliment her (you) without counting.

⚡ How:

List your top 5 successes or achievements of which you are most proud. These may be personal or professional events. For each project, list the 5 main skills you have implemented and/or acquired during the project. This can include theoretical knowledge, technical and life skills.

Example :

Organization of my wedding

  • Project management and budget management (planning, resources, deadlines…)
  • Creativity (to imagine the invitations, the dress, the decoration…)
  • Organizational skills (manage all the participants, coordinate the day with the guests…)
  • Cold blood, stress management (more or less, but that counts!)
  • Use Indesign and Illustrator for invitations


How to grow your self-confidence
Tip 2: Get support from supporters

👉🏻 Why:

When you have doubts, your supporters are there to encourage you and remind you that you have everything you need to achieve your results. Surrounding yourself with trusted people with whom you can share your successes and failures will help you step back in difficult times and celebrate in times of success! This caring team is there to support you in the important steps of your projects, you can rely on it to keep your self-confidence. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

⚡ How:

Put together a team of supporters who will support you in your projects. Depending on your goals and challenges, they may be friends, family members, colleagues, mentors… Occasionally, you may even ask them what they think of your great qualities, why they value you as a friend or colleague or spouse… You can then add these elements to your internal database! This trick is very powerful to nurture your self-confidence and to get to know yourself better.


Claire likes me as a friend because:

  • I ask indiscreet questions, which allows people to express their emotions
  • I see the positive in people
  • I am curious and enthusiastic

Let your supporters fire your self-confidence when in doubt


How to grow your self-confidence
Tip 3: Celebrate your successes

👉🏻 Why:

You too sometimes forget to congratulate yourself on your successes, thinking that “it’s normal”, “everyone can do it”, “someone else would do it better than me, or faster”… STOP! You did it, you say you’re BRAVO. Without waiting for the teacher or manager to come and congratulate you. As with the first tip, don’t forget to add to your internal database all your successes, even those that seem trivial to you. Come and water your list every day with the skills you develop every day to achieve your goals, in all areas of your life. By pointing out your successes, you are entering the virtuous circle of self-confidence. On the other hand, taking all your achievements for granted does not allow you to cultivate your confidence in your growing abilities.

⚡ How:

Take the time to say congratulations for your big and small successes. Allow yourself a few minutes at the end of the day to think about something you have done and are proud of. You can collect these successes in a notebook. Often, you will be satisfied with the actions you have taken that are linked to your vision of success, your values… a great opportunity to reflect on what is really important to you in life.


Today, I wrote my first article for Claire’s blog, it’s important for me because I want to share tools to feel good with myself and others.


How to grow your self-confidence
Tip 4: Identify your self-destructive messages

👉🏻 Why:

I told you about it in the introduction and in point 3, we are sometimes our worst detractor! These self-destructive messages that resonate in your head, sometimes unconsciously, lower your self-confidence, overwhelm you with guilt or shame when you make mistakes or things don’t go as planned. Have you ever heard that voice that says bad things about you or devalues you whenever it has the chance? From the impostor’s syndrome to the beliefs that limit your power of action, unmask these voices without delay when they attack and say: STOP!

⚡ How:

Identify the violent messages you send to yourself and replace them with antidotes that help you feel better. A good way to identify a violent message to yourself is to ask yourself: “Would I say that about a friend?”


“What you have to say won’t interest anyone, you’re not interesting”: ALERT self-destructive message

Antidote message: what you say doesn’t have to be of interest to everyone, but you can share tools that are useful to you and will surely be useful to others.


How to grow your self-confidence
Tip 5: Do your best

Self-confidence must be nourished on a daily basis so that it has all the elements to flourish, like a flower that you water. Hey! We’re not robots, there are days when we doubt, when we’re not at the top, and that’s natural. So we do our best not to let ourselves be overwhelmed by the destructive messages that come from our external (and internal!) environment thanks to our secret database that we have maintained over the years.


When in doubt, keep hoping, stay positive, remember all your past successes and dreams for the future goals you will achieve, give yourself some quality time with your supporters and the people who matter to you. Tomorrow, everything will be easier!