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The PROJO planner

Experience the power of planning with the PROJO planner

  • 3 months to bring your ideas to life

    The PROJO planner helps you clarify your goals, and beat procrastination.
    It keeps your plans, appointments in its Planning book
    and all your notes, ideas, sketches and lists in its Notes book.


4 reasons why the PROJO planner users love it

It keeps your head clear of clutter

Keep all your tasks, random thoughts and wild ideas
in your planner to keep your mind clear and focused.

It boosts your motivation

Move your projects forward, one day at a time,
and check-in with your progress to fuel your motivation.

It's undated

Start to use it as soon as you receive it. Don’t wait one
more day to start bringing your ideas to life.

It's beautifully minimal

Keep your focus on what matters to YOU, and use
all the free space to adapt the system to your needs.

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